Torrential rains have killed at least 13 people, injured 29 and displaced hundreds in districts south of Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, say officials. The heavy rains came on 8-9 December. “After the rains, we sent rescue services, who were able to recover nine bodies. The Congolese Red Cross recovered four bodies of people who had drowned,” said Maurel Kihounzou, the mayor of the first district of Makwlwkwle, south of the capital. The seventh district of Mfilou was also affected, according to a 10 December report from the government, which noted that houses collapsed under the pressure of the flood waters, killing several people as they slept. Some 564 families had also been left without shelter, according to Clement Essieke, the minister of humanitarian action. “We are in negotiations with the national army to get tents for the affected,” he said. At least 600 people had sought shelter temporarily in a police camp before being asked to return to their homes. “The order came from the police command. We were not given more explanation. Our camp is intended for military training,” said a police officer. The River Mfilou, which traverses parts of Makelekele, breached its banks, bringing flood waters towards houses there. Military personnel are searching for those still missing in the flood waters.


   The State Emergency Service has answered more than 100 calls for help after a severe thunderstorm hit Rockingham and Mandurah overnight. Mandurah received more than 70mm of rain. About 4600 homes were without power this morning. And more wild weather is on its way today with heavy rain and damaging winds expected to hit the metropolitan area. Reported damage mainly involved flooding and roof damage. SES volunteers have been working in the Rockingham area, making repairs to homes, fixing minor roof damage, removing fallen trees from homes, cars and fences, sandbagging areas in danger of flooding and pumping out flood water.



  Several streets along the Southern California coastline were flooded Thursday after a rainstorm moving through the Southland combined with high tides. KCAL9′s Michelle Gile reports there was a record tide of 8.4 feet this morning in Newport Harbor after the National Weather Service (NWS) had forecast a so-called “King Tide” with rip currents for local beaches and all along the West Coast. Tides were forecast to reach levels of 7.3 feet – which would be the highest since 2008 – due to gravitational forces maximized by an alignment of the earth, moon, and sun. There was at least one report of flooding for about a mile along the 16000 block of Pacific Coast Highway and Broadway in Huntington Beach, according to Huntington Beach Fire Department spokesman Bob Culhane. In Newport Beach, flooding slowed down drivers at the intersection of 26th and Balboa, but there were no immediate reports of damage.



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