Livestock producers are urged to check their cattle for signs of botulism following confirmed cases near Longreach, Winton and Aramac. Biosecurity Queensland Animal Biosecurity and Welfare Inspector Nicole Restelli said climatic conditions were contributing to the recent cases. “Recent confirmed cases of botulism have been found in areas where it doesn’t usually occur. All producers should monitor their herds for symptoms and take appropriate preventative measures. “Prompt diagnosis and control measures can help bring the situation under control,” Ms Restelli said. “If livestock owners suspect botulism is the cause of disease in stock, it is important they seek immediate assistance from a veterinarian as the disease can result in significant losses over a short period of time. Ms Restelli said producers were urged to take preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of outbreaks in their herds. “Botulism is caused by livestock ingesting a toxin that is produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria which can be found in decaying animal and vegetable matter,” Ms Restelli said. “Animals are likely to eat decaying matter when there is a deficiency of phosphorus and protein in the feed that is available and when feed quality and quantity declines. “Producers can deter botulism outbreaks in their herds by preventing stock having access to animal carcasses, controlling vermin and pest animals, and providing nutritional supplements of protein and phosphorus to reduce bone chewing. “Taking care with harvest and storage of feeds to reduce the possibility of small animals contaminating feeds and checking water sources regularly are also recommended. “Vaccination programs are essential in endemic areas and are the best form of protection for livestock,” she said.


    The Central Veterinary Lab, Tripureshwar has confirmed that chicken at a poultry farm in Dharke, Naubise in Dhading district died due to bird flu. Samples were taken for test from local Laxmi Pokhrel’s poultry farm after the chicken started dying all of a sudden at the poultry farm since December 13. A meeting of the District Livestock Office, Dhading, chaired by Chief District Officer and Chairman of Bird Flu Technical Committee, Dhading district, Bed Prasad Kharel, held today, declared the area around the farm as bird flu infected area and decided to cull the fowls here to prevent the disease from spreading to other areas. The District Administration has appealed to local representatives of the political parties, poultry farmers, media workers, civil society members, and local people, including other stakeholders to provide the necessary cooperation in the task carried out by District Livestock Office, Dhading. All the 3,000 dead fowls at Pokhrel’s farm have been securely buried, said Member Secretary and Senior Livestock Development Officer, Devendra Bhagat.

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