PROPHETIC DREAM-The Truth Is Being Spoken

In April of this year I had a very brief Prophetic Dream & this is what I saw. I saw a stage as if it was outside & I did not clearly see what was on the stage but after that I saw a huge crowd of people & I saw The Truth of GOD being spoken over all of those people.  It was like a voice in the air being spoken & then a few hours later I woke up.

I believe that this is an indication of Revival & people coming to repentance. It is not the kind of Revival we are hoping for & Our Nation returning to JESUS CHRIST but it is an indication of GOD gathering HIS remnant in America & around The World!!! For The LORD spoke to me in The Spring of 2010 & HE said, “No repentance No Revival!” People are repenting & coming to CHRIST & its great thing & GOD is doing mighty works in our land & HE is gathering HIS remnant before HE passes JUDGEMENT on Our NATION such as never has been seen before in America!!! So I give Praise to Our LORD JESUS CHRIST & Thank HIM for what The HOLY SPIRIT is doing!!!  Peace of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with you.

Mark Lewis



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