FLOODS In BRAZIL   1-4-2013

    Hard rains in Brazil are creating a state of alert in Rio de Janeiro and in nearby spots where flood-triggered mudslides have killed hundreds in recent years. Nearly 8.5 inches (215 millimeters) of rain fell in just 24 hours in hard-hit poor areas just north of Rio. Authorities attribute one death so far to the torrents. Heavy rains also have a mountainous area farther north of Rio on alert. It’s an area where a storm killed nearly 1,000 people two years ago this month, as mountains of mud washed over towns. Authorities are also closely watching Thursday heavy rains in a coastal area about 90 miles (150 kilometres) west of Rio, in the Angra dos Reis area popular with tourists during the South American summer.

SRI LANKA 1-5-2013

    Several areas have gone under water following torrential rains experienced throughout the Eastern Province during the past few days. Several villagers, roads, lands, schools, playgrounds and houses have gone underwater following torrential rain in the Ampara district since Thursday. Several large, medium and small scale tanks in the Eastern Province reached spill level on account of the heavy rains. Thousands of acres of paddy have been inundated due to rains experienced in the Ampara district. Many people have been effected by rains accompanied by strong winds while fishermen are unable to go deep sea fishing due to the bad weather.

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