Just A Warning~!

    C-Span has been covering The Supreme Court Arguments & The Gay Marriage Rallies & the very 1ts thing that was said this morning after they aired The Oral Argument on C-Span a woman called in & gave a very stern warning regarding “Sodom & Gomorrah” & how we should refer to The Bible. Bless her heart I have been trying to record the call in but they have not Broadcast the call-ins since this morning. GOD help the lost souls of this nation! They  had a Liberal pastor at the “Same Sex Mariage Rally” & he was saying how great it was that Jews & Christians & Muslims & Hindus could all unite about such an Event! Like I said there is a 1 Wordl Religion & a New Theology Coming from The Vatican Soon! Pray for the souls of GODS Church & the lost! The Great Apostasy is about to go to a Total & Completely New Level never seen before in The History of  The Church! Tyranny is coming to our nation on a whole New Level as well soon!  GOD Bless you all be earnest & repent!

Mark Lewis


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