In all of my days I have never seen so many Police Officers, Military Vehicles, & S.WA.T. Trucks in 1 place as I have in Watertown, Massachusetts today looking for 1 man! It was reported from NBC News that there were over 9,000 Police Officers there today! So if they think you are a Terrorist then you could have an Entire Army of over 9,000 men looking for you! It looked like a Police State to me! Pray seek GOD & repent of your sins today! Seek a place of refuge MARTIAL LAW  is coming very soon! I would also like to point out that your adversary, the devil, wants to keep us living in fear & create a Total Police State of Citizens reporting other Citizens reporting one another because they might look a little suspicious! Congratulations Babylon now you will begin to Martyr your own fellow American Citizens who are probably innocent but are against Abortion, Human Cloning & Gay Marriage! Well The Almighty GOD is against these things & if you be of HIM then so will you be. Pray, warn, & do not be afraid to speak out & tell the ones you love & the ones you don’t even know about JESUS CHRIST & HIS Death On The Cross for the sins of us all. May the Peace of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST be in your heart which surpattheth all understanding.

Mark Lewis


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