More reports of causing extensive destruction and damages to houses and standing crops by the violent hailstorm that swept many parts of Manipur in the last three days have started pouring in. The hailstorm has caused maximum damages in Churachandpur district. According to a report from district administration, the storm that hit the state on Thursday and Friday brought down at least 84 houses across the district that also partly damaged 160 others. In the aftermath of the hailstorm, melting hails and the heavy downpour have also caused floods in several localities and streets of the district. Most rivers in the district were running above the danger level, the report added. However, there was no report of human casualty so far, either from the hailstorm or flood. Many schools have shut down for the last two days as the school buildings were party damaged by the hailstorm.

     Standing crops to over hundreds of acres have also been destroyed by the hailstorm, the district administration tabled in a meeting with the authority of the district level disaster management committee at Churachandpur district headquarters, an official source said. The meeting convened under the chair of DC Churachandpur DC resolved to open relief camps at the affected areas with immediate effect, the source said adding a helpline centre has also opened with immediate effect. The report tabled by the district administration was a preliminary one and reports from interior areas of the district were yet to be come in. They have information that the hailstorm caused extensive damages to Vangai range and Purbung area of the district. In Bishnupur district also the hailstorm partly damaged over 200 houses. However, official assessment reports of the damages caused by the hailstorm were yet to be compiled.

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