A Word From The Watchman

   You may have noticed that The Posts have slowed down a lot this past month. I am going to warn Gods people no matter what it is as long as HE commands me to do so. We are however using wisdom & will focus more on The LORD & seeking HIM in prayer more often & cutting through all of the Rhetoric in The News & get straight to the point & the truth. You may notice that sometimes we post videos or news articles from Liberal Media like MSNBC, ABC, CBS, & FOX News. Yes even Fox News is very Liberal these days especially after Bill O Reilly said that The Homosexuals had a better argument for Gay marriage & all The Evangelical Christians could do was “Thump The Bible!”  So I ask you to keep an open mind because its all about getting to the truth in the News & being brave enough to take a stand for Righteousness & not counting the costs! JESUS is The Truth, The Way , & The Life! No other way to Heaven period!!! So we will be using the wisdom that GOD gave us & has taught us about this media & notice how much it has changed in the past 7 years. We will be posting what you need to know but with wisdom & without technical interference from The Government hired hackers. I will be posting at least once a week & I will post what The LORD wants. Let us always remember to pray for those in the Liberal News Media & GOD Bless Chuck Todd for having the courage to actually tell us that the U.S. Gov wants to make Journalism illegal! Though they may be liberal only JESUS CHRIST can change their hearts & save them from Eternal Damnation or any of us for that matter! I posted a recent article & I warned that The Obama Admin. would take this war to a whole new level & here we are & they have done it! So whoever you are just simply seek JESUS CHRIST with all of your heart mind & soul be earnest & repent.JESUS CHRIST died on a Cross for all of our sins but we must believe.  

Peace of JESUS CHRIST be with you

Mark Lewis


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