A Word From The Watchman

    Hello & I hope that everyone has had a good week. The Obama Administration has been caught with their hands in the cookie jars! Tyranny is coming & they actually classify A Terrorist as a Christian in their own DHS Reports & Documents. In other words Pro-Life, against gay marriage & for The Righteousness of Christ & against all forms of iniquity pretty well defines the rest.  I warned a few weeks ago that this Admin. was going to take their “War on Christianity” to a whole new level & here we are people! I have much more to share later today but as you can tell everything that I have been warning the Brethren about on this site is happening right in front of us! The North American Union is coming very soon! The U.S., Canadian, & Mexican Government will be formed into 1 Kingdom shortly! More video info on The N.A.U. Coming shorly. Peace be with you all & repent seek JESUS CHRIST now!

Mark Lewis


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