The New World Order, Smart Cities, & The N.S.A.

     Agenda 21 comes to mind when I find information like this Online! Things like Soylent Green, Microchips from various IBM Contractors & The Main Manufactures Verichip Corp. headed by CEO Scott Silverman. This company also operates under the name of Positive I.D. & Digital Angel!  Drone Surveillance & R.F.I.D. Tracking Technology & no escape for those against an anti-Christ POLICE STATE & R.F.I.D. Microchip Mark of The Beast Technology! The only escape we have is through Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.  Its not far off for other cities that I.B.M. calls Smart Cities. Now we have heard about The NSA Surveillance from The Guardian  & former Gen. Petraus & C.I.A.Chief will be heading this NSA Data Collection facility.  This is what they have been planning for years & now they are in implementation mode. I saw The Layout with The Iron Dome & Internet Technology in USA Today when I was a young man & now its just about here! Petraus is one of the Attendees at The Bidlerberg Conference in England happening right now! Seguro, Antonio Secretary General of The Socialist pary is also an attendee but yet many still think that Bilderberg is just a Conspiracy Theory! Socialisms main goal & always has been to form a 1 World Government! Its obvious that Obama is a Socialist & George Bush SR. & Jr. though they claimed to be Republicans there actions were Socialistic, Communistic, & Facist. The list of Bilderberg attendees can be found at . Below is a link to there Smart City Propaganda.

Mark Lewis


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