Its Good To Be Back!

      Hello long time no post. As it should be no surprise I had some Computer problems. 2 Desktops had the passwords wiped out & I could no longer access my data! I had been praying to GOD to open the door & HE has done it. I had my Internet & Cable shut off as well by choice! Why should I pay The NSA to do surveillance on me! I think it was a wake up call & GODS way of letting me know there was great danger ahead & I could be in some danger. Well I am Spirtually & Mentally Healthy & doing fine & am not so worried about The Coming Persecution regarding myself as I am getting prepared. In light of the most recent events in Iraq & Isis Army raising Hell all over The Middle East remember this my friends that was the name of a pagan idol in Egypt & Babylon of old & Madonna prayed to this evil spirit & dressed up like it at The 2012 Superbowl Halftime show Hence her Egyptian Costume!Video of this is on my YouTube channel. So this New Army has an old stinkin’ smell to it !

    A Catholic Priest was gunned down & killed in a Church in Phoenix Arizona & another Priest was badly wounded on 6-12-2014! I believe this is another wake up call & its time to seek GOD with all your hearts & get prepared as we pray to HIM & HE will fill us with HIS Grace guaranteed. HE tells us 9 different times in HIS word to flee from Babylon! This Exodus is fast approaching & pretty soon this will be The North American Union & no longer a Sovereign Nation! So seek GOD & just have faith & HE will lead us to safety as The Persecution comes to this land! Let us not forget The Jews were warned to flee from Babylon of old & the ones that didn’t obey were severely punished! GOD is not playing with us & wants us to have HIS peace in our hearts regardless of the Coming Hell on Earth & wants to keep our eyes hidden from some of the things that will kill men of fright! HE has a way & places of safety as we go on our journey leading us to JESUS CHRIST.

   One more thing I made a promise to those that have been coming to this site & I meant it. I am still warning & Blowing My Trumpet & it will get louder as things progress & will warn until The LORD JESUS no longer guards my city. But rely more on The LORD than me because what if I have Computer problems again? So seek GOD with all your heart & get to know HIS still small voice which is as the “sound of many waters.”

Mark L. Lewis


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