Monthly Archives: October 2015


“Nuclear fire” erupts at radioactive facility near major US city — Footage shows underground explosions, massive smoke plumes — AP: “Unknown amount of radioactive waste burned

CBS: Fire erupts at another U.S. nuclear site near major city — Witness: Flames within feet of radioactive waste

1 World Government From Corporate America : 81 Major Corporations–Including Google, Facebook, Coca Cola, General Motors–Sign WH Pledge to Back Global Climate Change Deal, Paul Ryan Wants to be Speaker Forever : Paul Ryan Demands Repeal of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson’s Rule

Who Am I – Casting Crowns – Jeremy Camp – Same Power

Christian Persecution is Coming to U.S.A.!!! The Oppressing Sword Jade Helm!!! Come Back For Updates

Muslim Prayers Take Over Downtown Los Angeles

Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S.

The Senate just passed a bill that could help the NSA spy on you

Facebook’s Person-Centric Bio-Metric Database is Bigger Than The FBI’s

Congressional Review Of Copyright Law May Threaten Drudge Report

Obama’s Department of Justice Opening ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Office

Tennessee Muslims Use Alinsky Tactics in Attacking Parents and Representatives Bill that would Ban Islamic Indoctrination in Public Schools

Harry Reid to Use ‘Mental Health’ for Gun Control, Won’t Provide Details

The Roman Road to Salvation

AN Atheist Jew becomes a Christian! Hallelujah Yeshua is Amazing! A Must Listen! Love your enemies!