As if we don’t have enough Common Sense to understand that the only  reason The Globalists want to take over the internet is so they can block & censor the truth!!! They still cannot stop the truth JESUS knows that & that is why JESUS said to be fearless!!! I certainly hope & pray that Fearless Christians come out of the woodwork very soon!!! In 7 years that I have been warning & talking about the things concerning Our Nation 1 person has said these words to me, “Well I’m not afraid of them.” I’ve talked to a whole lot of people!!! I certainly hope that Jesus will give the ones that are afraid the courage to take a stand & be brave!!! Personally I am getting tired of hearing & seeing what these Maniac Globalists can do with Technology these days!!!! Our GOD is bigger than they are!!! I want to hear what GOD can do Amen. This person also said this,” My GOD is bigger than they are!!!!”  I sure do wish I could hear those statements from more Christians!!! We are seeing all these crazy headlines but Our GOD has solutions to the things coming to Our Nation & The World for that matter!!! Our GOD has solutions for HIS people  for those that repent of their sins on this day & everyday. Repent of your sins & come to Christ HE cars for you & cast all of your cares & burdens upon HIM!!!

     Our Nation was actually founded on The Mayflower Compact the right to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ without persecution, fear, & the Freedom to Worship The One True & only GOD Jesus Christ. History of Compact & Link below of Original Document.  









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