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PROPHETIC DREAM-The Truth Is Being Spoken

In April of this year I had a very brief Prophetic Dream & this is what I saw. I saw a stage as if it was outside & I did not clearly see what was on the stage but after that I saw a huge crowd of people & I saw The Truth of GOD being spoken over all of those people.  It was like a voice in the air being spoken & then a few hours later I woke up.

I believe that this is an indication of Revival & people coming to repentance. It is not the kind of Revival we are hoping for & Our Nation returning to JESUS CHRIST but it is an indication of GOD gathering HIS remnant in America & around The World!!! For The LORD spoke to me in The Spring of 2010 & HE said, “No repentance No Revival!” People are repenting & coming to CHRIST & its great thing & GOD is doing mighty works in our land & HE is gathering HIS remnant before HE passes JUDGEMENT on Our NATION such as never has been seen before in America!!! So I give Praise to Our LORD JESUS CHRIST & Thank HIM for what The HOLY SPIRIT is doing!!!  Peace of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with you.

Mark Lewis




On Monday night I received the following dream.

It seemed that I was somewhere in the American west. I was standing on a hillside, watching a group of people walking away from me, across a plain or valley, towards a mountain. Somehow I knew these people were Christians. As I watched them, helicopters came in from my left. They began to fire on the people below without warning. The odd thing was they fired arrows instead of bullets. It was like the scene from the movie ‘300’. The sky was literally darkened by the number of arrows. In a very short time most of the people on the ground were either dead or wounded. When the number of uninjured was reduced to no more than 20% a strange thing happened. The arrows fired by the helicopters started to circle around and hit the choppers. This stopped the men inside to stop shooting. The helicopters then flew off. Those who were uninjured or at least still able to move continued their journey towards the mountain. I moved down the hill and joined them.

Once the mountain was reached, the people broke up into small groups, each one headed to a different place. One man asked me to join him. He said he knew a town where we would be welcome. I went with him. We reached a small town in the mountains somewhere and he went right to one certain house. I was a little behind him. He walked up the steps to the porch and knocked on the front door, which was opened and he was greeted like a long lost relative. As I went to the porch, I saw a giant lying on the ground, asleep. I had to step over his legs to get to the house. Something, I don’t remember what, caught my eye on the ground. I stopped to crouch down and look at it. It was then that the giant woke up and stood up. He had to be twelve feet tall at the minimum. For a moment he seemed to look right at me. Then I realized he was looking through me. I was invisible to him. He had no clue that I was there. I went into the house.

When I entered the house, there were a number of people who were getting ready for some kind of celebration. There were three women who came to me to show me a white cake that wasn’t quite ready yet, but they felt it important to show it to me. I was told by one of them, ‘This is your opha’. It was then that I woke up.

The word ‘opha’ was on my mind. I knew I’d heard it before, but couldn’t remember where or what it meant, so I looked it up. The word comes from the Greek. It is a kind of slang that means ‘bravo’ or more importantly, ‘WELL DONE’. Maybe you have seen movies like ‘Zorba The Greek’ where they are having a party with dancing and such. From time to time you will hear them holler to one another ‘Opha’. Once I understood the meaning of the word, I understood the dream. This is my understanding.

We know from scripture that most Christians will not survive the coming persecution. These are the people killed by the helicopters. The plain or valley is the valley of decision. Many will die there. The mountain is the place or places of refuge and protection provided by The Lord. In my opinion, simply reaching one of these places when the time comes is certainly a case of ‘WELL DONE thou good and faithful servant’. In my depression, The Lord has shown me that not persecution, not military attack or even giants will stop me from reaching the place he has set aside for me.

Yours in Christ,

Travis O. Dean

Dec 19, 2012



A Planet Hitting The Earth Dream

Dream Vision – The Dragon and The Two Angels

September 12, 2011

I was traveling through American cities and time.  The people were going to and fro, working and going to church, running their everyday errands; somehow I could see into their lives.  They appeared to be in a deep trance.  The air was heavy.

While driving down a busy Main Street in summer, I saw a young couple in their 20’s working on the shell of a car, at a body shop on my left.  It was 6:00 p.m.  I noticed the young man was using a powerful cutting torch and was intently focused on dismantling the body of that car!  The young woman was standing in the trunk, wearing clean white pants, a clean white shirt, and clean white shoes; her blonde hair was pulled back.  How odd I thought to myself, working a dirty job all dressed in white.  The flame of the torch was 6 1/2 feet long!  The man was so intent on cutting that car apart, he did not pay any attention to her in the trunk!  The flame appeared to open its mouth in an attempt to swallow her leg, she screamed!  Neither the man nor anyone else heard her!  Her clothing remained white!  She looked up and saw me, her eyes pleading for help!  I turned into the body shop and ran up to her and asked, are you ok?  She said no.  She wept.  The flame retreated!  I did my best to comfort her.  The man kept working as if I was not there, as if he could not see me.  In that instant, I was building the body of that car, between them and the road.  I watched my hands mysteriously and expertly form the fiberglass body, faster than the man who was dismantling the car – it was supernatural!  The woman just stared at me in bewilderment!  I realized she was the first person on my journey to see and hear me!   

In that instant, I was transported onto a sidewalk in front of a church.  I saw a special needs young lady that I love, for she SHINES with the LIGHT of JESUS!  She was standing in a circle with other special and precious children having fun.  Her dad, who is struggling, was part of this circle.  Her and I exchanged glances of love and smiled.  I then walked into an adult Sunday school class.  The only person there was the teacher.  She said that the church made a decree that some people did not like.

In that instant, I was transported into the worship service of that church.  I looked around and the pews were packed, and for some strange reason, the congregation looked like carcass marionettes to me; a macabre scene!  The pastor was preaching, but there was no life in his words!  I could not see him.  The attendence roster finally made it to me, I did not sign it.  I studied the names on the list and the name that caught my attention was Dre Y. Gonn.  I thought to myself, I have never seen or heard this name.  I tried sounding it out several times.  I then looked to my right and saw the young lady.  The young man was sitting to her right, my left.  He intently listened to the sermon, as if he had written it!  The woman was staring at me, hungry for the word of life!  I said Jesus Christ of Nazareth is Lord and Savior, for there is life saving soul redeeming power in the blood of Jesus!  Draw nigh to Him, for the time is short!  The color in her face turned from a pale ashen grey to vibrant in life!  I then noticed two “very tall” and distinguished older gentleman; one sitting on each side of the couple.  They were dressed in wool garb that seemed to be from a bygone era, approximately 70 years ago.  I  looked into their eyes and theirs into mine, my heart filled with compassion and love.  With my heart, I communicated time is short, and at that moment, they whispered in unison, we know.  They slowly raised their right hand to their chest, and what I saw sent chills down my spine, into my very soul, they both were gently holding the yellow cloth star of David!  My soul cried out to Jesus!  I was spiraling out of control!  The Holy Spirit made me look down at the roster again.  The name that captivated my attention was the young man!  The spelling of the name changed before my very eyes, and at that exact moment, the two distinguished gentleman whispered that name, Dragon!

In that instant, I was transported back outside.  My spirit was crushed, for the horror of the grave warning for God’s people!  The Holy Spirit said the dream is not finished, your weakness is sufficient, for I AM always strong, abide in Me!  I obeyed.  Through tears, I noticed the season had changed from summer to late fall/winter, for the sky was gray, the trees were bare, and an icy rain was falling.  It appeared to be dusk.  I saw my son and was happy to see him!  We walked towards a house on the lake.  A fast red sportscar was parked in front of the house, with the t-tops open to the elements.  We looked at each other puzzled, for this was not our house or car.  I asked him what is this doing here?  We talked briefly and climbed into the car, with him at the wheel…

IMMEDIATELY, I was awakened by the Holy Spirit to pray!  I prayed for God’s watchman, His prayer warriors, His flock, His shepherds, the lost souls on the outter edges of darkness, and His fierce warriors, the mighty men and women of valor!  I looked at the clock, it was 4:53 a.m. on 9/10/11.

I asked the Holy Spirit for edification!  

The Holy Spirit said, as in the days of Noe and Lot, so shall it also be in the days when the Son of man is revealed; people going to and fro, chasing after their own desires, denying Me, chasing after death as if it were life, blinded by their own folly, dancing into the jaws of Satan and utter destruction!  The reason people could not see you was, due to you traveling in the spirit and they were living in the flesh!

The body shop represents the world, where bodies are torn down and built back up in its image.  The shell of the body that the young man was brutally dismantling, was the body of the young woman.  The young woman that you saw, was her spirit, that is why she could see and hear you.  The young man could not see you because you were shielded by the Holy Spirit.  She was dressed in white because she is Mine!  My son, many that professed My name passed by ignoring her cries for help – woe unto them!  When the flames of hell tried to swallow her, the flames could not mark her!  The body of the car you were building was hers, through the Holy Spirit, by your obedience to My will.

I placed the special needs young lady that you love, in your dream, to let you know that her spirit is a fierce warrior for My kingdom!  She is a healer and encourager.  She is in spiritual warfare, to keep her dad from falling into the darkness – his spiritual life line!

The church represents the Church of the World.  The decree was the continuation of false doctrines and watering down and perverting My word!  The only people that were upset is My remnant. The church was full, because Satan becomes whatever one desires him to be.  His words are as smooth as honey, but stinks of DEATH.  The macabre scene of rotting flesh and the strings that manipulate the carcasses, is Satan’s just reward for those that follow him.  You did not sign the attendence roster, because you are Mine!  The name that captivated your attention, Dre Y. Gonn, Directs Religious Education at the World Council of Churches, for those that have the spirit of self entitlement, gen Y, for the green goblins (Gonn) toils for the lord of the underworld, for it’s color is easiest on the eyes.  That is why the young man was listening intently to the sermon, because he wrote it.  Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man and his number is Six hundred threescore and six – the time and the length of the cutting torch flame!  The spirit of the young woman was seeking My face in that church, and in your obedience of the spoken word – My eternal word fed her hungered soul and My living water quenched her spiritual thirst – the truth has set her free!  

The two older distinguished gentlemen are My angels, sent to protect and warn My people of the horror that befalls them; Satan’s Final Solution, the Devil’s Holokauston – a wholly burnt animal sacrifice!  My people, heed My watchmen’s cry to finalize all preparations!

The Holy Spirit said the sportscar represents the supernatural speed and power that the Holy Spirit will bring His workers into the field, for the harvest is great, but the laborers are few, saith the Lord!

My soul was in utter anguish and my body drained.  I asked the Lord if there was anything else.  ALMIGHTY GOD THUNDERED, WOE UNTO THEM, the shepherds that lead my people astray, for I AM against thee!  For you eat My fatted lambs and My flock is famined!  You lead them to barren lands where every manner of beasts devour them!  They run to you seeking safety from the wolves, and you deliver My flock to the slaughter, and partake in eating the flesh of My people – time is short O ye dark shepherds for I AM GOD and I have a place prepared for you!

My brother, my soul shakes, I am beyond exhaustion, I desire slumber, but I will be obedient and run the race til the end.  I have nothing left within me, so God must carry me.  I know that He will fill me with His tender mercies and restoreth my soul, for I am His.

My brother, God be For us, who can be against us!  Victory O Victory for He that is in us, is greater than he that is in this world!

The God of peace be with you always, with love in Christ,