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1 World Religion Coming : Pope to host Interfaith Religious Service at The U.N.

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ONE WORLD RELIGION COMING! Pope Francis: ‘I Am Thinking Particularly of Dialogue With Islam’, Pope Francis pushed civil unions for gays in 2010 as cardinal

Pope Francis pushed civil unions for gays in 2010 as cardinal,Pope meets with religious leaders, highlights his commitment to inter-religious dialogue

“Should Jews & Christians Support ‘Interfaith Religious Dialogue?”

                                                                                                                                                “Should Jews & Christians Support ‘Interfaith Religious Dialogue?”

      Now as I begin writing this article it is not a matter of my opinion but a Fact & what The Almighty GOD has to say about all of this. I don’t think anyone who wants  The Jewish people & Christians to be United would be against Unity but we should all be against “The Interfaith Religious Dialogue Movement!” This is why. The last time I checked & read GODS WORD which was just a few minutes ago, From The Book of Genesis To Revelation GOD makes it perfectly clear to all men that HE is against all “Forms of Paganism!” Islam/Muslim is a “Pagan Religion” as well as Hinduism! The Interfaith Dialogue Movement taking place in some Catholic Churches as well as some Protestant Churches seeks to Unite JEWS,  CHRISTIANS, & Muslims & Hindus! You cannot take what is written in The “QUEERAN/Koran” & mix it in with The Holy Bible! GOD is “Pure & Holy!” Now JESUS prayed intensely to The FATHER in Heaven that we all be “ONE” in The Gospel of John CH 17 but HE meant HIS people, “JEWS & CHRISTIANS!” These Apostate Leaders who are pushing The Interfaith Movement will say “ We all worship the same GOD!” No its not the same GOD. Muslims recognize JESUS as a “Prophet” but not as “The SON of GOD!” {See 1 st John CH 4 & read the whole Chapter.} After you have done so you will realize that Muslims do not worship the same GOD as Jews & Christians do! Muslims worship “allah” & if you know your history you will find out that “allah” actually represents a “Pagan moon god!” Jihad ,which is in The Queeran, teaches men how to conduct Terrorist Acts & “Infilterate Nations with Islam!” It is not a Religion of Peace & they do not recognize or tolerate any other Religion other than their own!!!

From The Vatican March 21st 2013!

        When George Bush was in office he developed a Government Program called, “The Faith Based Initiative Program.” This program was developed so The Government could fund Churches needs monetarily as long as The Church cooperates with Government Guidelines. The British had the same kind of Program before The Revolutionary War! The last time I checked GODS Church  was to be “Solely & Completely Dependant on GOD!”  Today under The Obama Administration, those Churches that are under this program, are not allowed to speak out & condemn Homosexuality! If they do they lose their Government Funding &  I am positive there is more they are not allowed to talk about!!!{ Paul warned us in 2nd Thessalonians CH 2 that there would be a Great Apostasy before The Return of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST & The Apostasy has begun!!!}  This is fueling a “1 World Religion” & will change Theology as we know it!!! REVELATION CH 13 clearly indicates a “1 World Religion, Government, & Currency!!! {R.F.I.D. TECHNOLOGY}”  Stand up!! Be Brave & do not be afraid to speak out against Satans deceptions &  1 World religion Propaganda!!! There is a New Theology Coming & it will deny Our LORD JESUS CHRIST!  Seek The LORD JESUS CHRIST & get close to HIM as The Great Deception is Coming to The Whole Earth Soon out of The 3rd World War. More on this in my Next video for You-Tube!!! To be Cont…

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