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DHS officials deny allegations the department is ‘hoarding’ bullets


A Warning You Must Read!!!

      The past week has been a rough one on our nation & the violence will increase as The U.N., Eric Holder, & The Obama Administration work their evil plot to bring in The New World Order which is coming upon the whole Earth shortly!  We can now see the seeds of Cival War being planted by these wicked rulers of darkness! ISAIAH CH 19 & Matthew CH 24 give clear evidence of Cival War & it broke out in Egypt in February of 2011 as written in ISAIAH CH 19! No one would ever have believed that our nation would come to this & that we would ever be on the brink of Cival War again but as GODS words says I will make Babylon desolate! HE tells us more than once in HIS word to flee from Babylon so that we not take part in her plagues! We also have a foreign invasion of troops to look forward to such as Iran! The U.S.A was founded with an excellent Constitution, a Republic & a democracy to elect its leaders. Now we are losing our Blessings! It was A “Beacon of Truth” for the whole world to see & we sent many missionaries around the world to preach The True Gospel of JESUS CHRIST which is repentance of sin & sinning no more, feeding the poor, clothing the naked, & taking care of the sick . We can either accept GODS Grace to come out of sin or stay on our own & live in our own sins & die in them just as JESUS said! I choose to come out of sin & accept The Grace, Love, & Mercy of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Major suffering is coming upon this land shortly! Martial Law in full throttle, people being thrown into Concentration F.E.M.A.Camps & told to accept  an R.F.I.D.Chip in their right hand or forehead or die! Do not deny or reject Our LORD JESUS CHRIST if this happens to you or you will be damned & IS THE IMPARDONABLE SIN! You are better off being beheaded & you will live. {See REVELATION CH 20.}  There are camps on The East Coast since Hurricane Sandy & on The Gulf Coast since Hurricane Isaac. The very plan from the beginning of The Department of Homeland Security’s Inception was to take away our freedom in The name of National Security & now its happening right before our eyes & liberalism is infilterating our culture with more wickedness! Has the salt of the earth lost its savor? JESUS said in Matthew CH 5 vs ”  [13] You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt lose its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is good for nothing any more but to be cast out, and to be trodden on by men. [14] You are the light of the world. A city seated on a mountain cannot be hid.” The apostasy is accelerating & has accelerated tremendously since the election of Barack  Obama in 2008 & the media declared him a Savior! He is no savior & the underworld awaits him! JESUS CHRIST is the One & Only Savior & there are no other gods besides HIM period! Our nation is going pagan & they don’t even know the difference & do not want to know! There are some who want to hear the saving message of Salvation but many have fallen into pagan worship of false idols & men! I am not complaing thats just the truth & it is breaking GODS heart because men love darkness more than light!  We must repent of our sins & get as close to JESUS CHRIST as we possibly can & have a fervor & a zeal for doing HIS will which is the Only way to Heaven for as JESUS said, “He who does the will of my Heavenly Father will enter the Kingdom.” We must seek GOD & be ready to flee from the cities when The LORD no longer guards them! PSALM 127 vs 1 Unless the LORD build the house they labor in vain who build Unless the LORD guard the city in vain does the guard keep watch.!”  I will not stand at my post when my city is no longer guarded by Our LORD JESUS CHRIST!  I say to all of you keep watch & be ready to flee when The LORD no longer guards our city! I believe HE will send HIS Angels to take HIS people out just as HE did Lot & his family as written in GENESIS CH 19. Lots wife looked back & was turned into a pillar of salt so don’t look back! I have been taking a break from The News & it just absolutely disgusts me the way the mainstream media is handling things & what they are keeping from The American people.  Oh & regarding December 21st 2012 its the 1st Day of Winter not the end of the world. May The LORD of HOSTS JESUS CHRIST give you HIS peace.

Mark Lewis