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Mark Lewis


I just posted an article about the quakes in Arkansas the other day & now Oklahoma & they have a few tremors every week in Memphis Tennessee!! May GOD be with us & may he prepare us mentally, spiritually, & financially for what is to come to BABYLON U.S.A.!! 

A moderate earthquake early Saturday in central Oklahoma knocked pictures off walls and woke people and pets as it shook an area that stretched into Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. The U.S. Geological Survey said on its website Saturday that a 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck at 2:12 a.m., with an epicenter about six miles north of Prague in Lincoln County. That’s about 50 miles east of Oklahoma City and 75 miles southwest of Tulsa. A 3.4 magnitude aftershock was reported at 2:27 a.m. from the same location, as well as a 2.7 magnitude aftershock at 2:44 a.m. “Oh, man. I’ve never felt anything like that in my life,” Prague City Police Department dispatcher Claudie Morton told the Tulsa World. “It was the scariest thing. I had a police officer just come in and sit down and all the sudden the walls started shaking and the windows were rattling. It felt like the roof was going to come off the police department.” Morton said the office was flooded with calls, but no one reported injuries or major damage. She said residents told her that picture frames and mirrors fell from walls and broke, drawers worked loose from dressers and objects tumbled out of cabinets.

“We do have several damaged buildings downtown, but it’s just cracks and things like that,” Morton said. “Nothing is destroyed or anything like that.” Oklahoma Geological Survey researcher Austin Holland told Oklahoma City television station KOTV that the earthquake and aftershocks occurred on a known fault line. Residents in Prague and Sparks felt an intense shaking, while farther away, the quake was more of a dull rumble, he said. “It shakes much more rapidly when you’re closer to it,” he said. “Because it’s a large earthquake, it’s going to rumble for a while.” Holland said his office received hundreds of emails from people who felt the quake. The messages came from as far as Texas, Missouri and Arkansas, he said. Tom Foster of Oklahoma City told The Oklahoman that he slept through the earthquake but was awakened by an aftershock. “I know we’ve already had several phone calls from out of state relatives wondering what happened,” Foster said. “I guess it’s more interesting than anything that was dangerous.” Heather Spicer of Sapulpa said the shaking woke her son and their dog. “At first I thought an airplane had crashed nearby,” she told The Oklahoman. “But now I believe it was an earthquake because the whole house just kept vibrating with what sounded like distant thunder outside.”

OKLAHOMA CITY — Authorities say a 5.6 magnitude earthquake has hit central Oklahoma, but they had no immediate reports of any injuries or major damages.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported from Golden, Colo., on its website that it detected a 5.6 magnitude quake at 10:53 p.m. local time Saturday, centered about 44 miles east-northeast of Oklahoma City. It had initially reported the temblor as a 5.2 magnitude quake.

Michelann Ooten, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, also confirmed a quake on the scale of 5 was recorded.

It came on a day a series of quakes rattled the state, including a 4.7 magnitude quake early Saturday.

Ooten said no injuries were reported to emergency management officials and she had no reports of major damage.


7.3 Earthquake Hits Eastern Turkey 12.42 MILES IN DEPTH. 150+ Earthquakes in Turkey since 7.2 as of 7:35 P.M. Central Standard Time October 23rd 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!

This map of Turkey gives a general overview of the geography of “Mount Ararat”, located on the far right. 

Earth History Research Center


Mount Ararat is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region in Turkey, between the Aras and Murat Rivers. It is a dormant volcanic cone which rises from the plain which itself is at the altitude of 9840 feet (3000 meters). With its top part (from 14,000 feet to 17,000 feet), covered by an ice cap which has a depth of 350 feet and is about 17 square miles, Mount Ararat is the highest mountain in the region. It has two peaks: Greater Ararat (the tallest peak in Turkey, and the entire Armenian plateau with an elevation of 16,854 feet (5,137 m) and Little Ararat also known as Mount Sis or Lesser Ararat. Little Ararat is the sixth tallest peak in Turkey. It is a large satellite cone located on the eastern flank of the massive Mount Ararat with an elevation of 12,782 feet (3,896 m).The Ararat massif ( a smaller structural unit of the crust than a tectonic plate) is about 25 miles (40 km) in diameter. The Mount Ararat in Judeo-Christian tradition is associated with the “Mountains of Ararat” where according to the book of Genesis, Noah’s ark landed when the Flood Waters receded.

Mount Ararat is visible from Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran. Its summit is located about 10 miles (17 km) west of Iranian Azerbaijan borders and 20 miles (34 km) south from the Armenian border.

Here is a map of Kerdistan which used to be part of ancient ASSYRIA!!!


GOD is taking down the Muslim countries that have threatened “The Apple of His eye, ISRAEL.” That is why Turkey has now had a major calamity today. They need to repent & quit worshipping their false muslim god! This is a wake up call precious people. This is a warning from THE ALMIGHTY KING OF KINGS and LORD of LORDS! REPENT AMERICA & come back to “The Cross!” If anyone in Turkey or any muslim for that matter, ” is reading this “Jesus Loves You & He is the SAVIOR of MANKIND & He died on a Cross for our sins!” REPENT! REPENT! REPENT!


PSALM 18 vs 8, 9, & 10.

8 Then the earth did shake and quake, the foundations also of the mountains did tremble; {N}
they were shaken, because He was wroth.

9 Smoke arose up in His nostrils, and fire out of His mouth did devour; {N}
coals flamed forth from Him.

10 He bowed the heavens also, and came down; and thick darkness was under His feet.

Turkey is on GODS RADAR!!! For the past week if not longer there have been a small number of 3.4’s & 4.2’s in Turkey. AT least 95% of these quakes that have started since the 7.3, have occured near a volcano some within 25 miles or less.. The quake occured in the province of Van near the eastern Iranian border near Mt. Ararat. I am still trying to get an accurate distance from Van to Mt. Ararat, it looks like its 50 miles or less from 1 to the other from the map or maybe 100.  The more quakes & build up of intesnsity & magnitude is going to cause these volcanoes to blow. The quakes have been occurring steadily & show no signs of stopping! At least 200 since the 7.3 occured early Sunday morning U.S. Time, 1:41 P.M. Turkey Time.  Here is a list of these volcanoes.  Tend�rek Dagi, S�phan Dagi, Mount Ararat, Girekol, Nemrut Dagi & Mt. Nemrut. If there are more volcanoes that have quakes nearby this list will be updated. This report & Revelation will be updated as need be & as prompted from The Holy Father in Heaven above.

9 Smoke arose up in His nostrils, and fire out of His mouth did devour; {N}
coals flamed forth from Him.

This verse is referring to a volcanic eruption & MUCH MORE!!! More will be revealed through prayer to Jesus Christ Our KING!!! He reveals what He wants when he wants.

Update October 24th 2011 5:48 A.M. Central Time. Mt. Nemrut Volcano located near the Province of Bitlis, Turkey , is now experiencing volcanic activity.

Pray for the remnant & The Leader of The Orthodox Church in Constantinople. Sadly the last accurate figures claimed that only 2% of Turkey were still Christians according to 60 Minutes. 

For the sake of His sorrowful passion have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Have Mercy on us LORD JESUS CHRIST. I LOVE YOU. JESUS LOVES YOU. REPENT! The LORD spoke these words to me on September 13th 2011, “TRIBULATION IS COMING!”


Turkey quake toll rises to 279 as rubble buries hundreds. The death toll in a 7.2-magnitude earthquake in eastern Turkey climbed to 279 as rescue workers searched for hundreds of people trapped under rubble in the country’s worst natural disaster since 1999. At least 2,262 buildings collapsed in the quake that struck a region near the Iranian border, about 1,300 kilometers (700 miles) east of Istanbul. As many as 1,000 people may have died. Aftershocks as high as magnitude 6 rattled the area as staff at damaged hospitals treated the injured and the homeless sought shelter in tents as the temperature approached freezing. “Tens of people are being constantly removed from the rubble, we don’t know what condition they are in.” The central part of Ercis was destroyed and there was a shortage of tents. “We slept in our cars last night because we are scared of another earthquake.”

In Van, an impoverished city of 1 million people on a lake and surrounded by mountains, television stations showed a collapsed apartment building where rescue workers were using a crane and drills to reach survivors. The prime minister’s office said 1,300 people have been hurt. At least 169 of the dead were in Ercis, on the other side of Lake Van, where 90 buildings collapsed, including a school dormitory. As many as 4,000 homes in the area may be damaged. Sections of hospital buildings weakened by the shaking were closed as a precaution. The quake struck at 1:41 p.m. local time, followed by more than 250 aftershocks. The temblor, 5 kilometers below the surface, was the province’s BIGGEST SINCE 1976 and the country’s MOST SEVERE SINCE A 1999 quake east of Istanbul killed more than 17,000. A quake measuring 6.1 killed more than 40 people in Elazig, west of Van in March last year. About 7,000 tents have been distributed throughout the province. “Many more tents, heaters and blankets, especially since the weather will get colder, are on their way here.” Temperatures in the region are forecast to drop as low as minus 2 degrees Celsius (28 degrees Fahrenheit) and it is likely to snow in two days.
“Normally quakes happen 30 to 40 kilometers deep. This is less than 10 kilometers. Therefore, there will be more damage.” The temblor struck towns and villages across the province, which lies just south of Mount Ararat, the highest mountain in Turkey at 5,137 meters (16,854 feet), where the Old Testament says Noah’s Ark came to rest.


The death toll from the massive earthquake that shook eastern Turkey over the weekend rose to 535 Thursday, up from 471 the day before, but crews have been able to rescue 185 people alive from the rubble, Turkish officials said. In addition, about 2,300 people were injured by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck Sunday, according to the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Relief Agency. Meanwhile, crews rescued 18-year-old Imdat Padak alive from the rubble of an apartment building in Ercis almost 100 hours after the earthquake, the semi-official Anatolian new agency reported. After teams from Azerbaijan retrieved him, Padak was taken to a hospital for initial treatment, and then was airlifted by helicopter to Van. Padak appeared not to have any significant trauma, but was suffering dehydration. He is reported to be a student from the village of Kiziloren and was taking courses while preparing for university entrance exams. Earlier in the week, crews pulled a 2-week-old baby, Azra Karaduman, alive from the debris. The developments came as there were reports of a moderate earthquake in the country’s south. A 5.2 earthquake hit about 200 kilometers (125 miles) south of the center of Sunday’s quake, near the border with Iraq, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. There were no immediate reports of damage from the latest quake. Padak was the latest of several people found alive in the rubble days after Sunday’s quake. On Wednesday rescuers pulled two people from collapsed buildings. Britain has pledged emergency tents for more than 5,500 people whose homes were destroyed, Home Secretary Theresa May said during a visit to Turkey Thursday.


At least 1,600 Aftershocks since the 7.2 a few days ago! Many of these tremors are of course within 35 miles or less of a volcano!!!!

The death toll from last week’s earthquake in southeast Turkey rose to 596 on Sunday, the day after authorities stopped searching for survivors and focused on helping thousands of homeless families in crisis. In Ercis, the town hit hardest by the 7.2 magnitude quake that devastated Van province on Oct. 23, some shops reopened on Sunday, electricity was switched back on in parts of town and one bank’s ATM started working. But with barely any of Ercis’s nearly 100,000 residents ready to return to their damaged homes with strong aftershocks still rattling the area, life is anything but normal. One aftershock on Sunday morning registered at magnitude 5.3. Winter is fast approaching, temperatures plunge at night, and young and old in particular are falling sick in tent encampments set up by relief agencies on the outskirts of town. The government’s disaster management website said more than 43,000 tents had been handed out in Van. Officials say that is more than needed because people whose homes are not so badly damaged are demanding tents as they feel safer under canvas. “Our house is in good shape but we live in a tent due to fear. We will go back once the aftershocks are gone and the government says our house is safe,” said Fadli Kocak, owner of a bakery in Ercis, who hopes to be back in business in a week.

Many people were queuing to register for tents on Sunday, a first step to having an inspection done of their home, as authorities say they will hand them out only after verifying that a building is too risky to live in. “The problem here is that you can’t give 100,000 tents in a town whose population is equal to that,” Yalcin Mumcu, who coordinated search and rescue operations in Ercis, told Reuters. “Our people need to the trust the government, too. Everybody is asking for tents. They need to be patient, if the Prime Minister says they are going to build a new, better Van, I am sure they will,” he said. The relief operation is politically sensitive as the southeast is where most of Turkey’s Kurdish minority lives, and the army has been fighting a separatist insurgency there that has cost more than 40,000 lives since it first erupted in 1984. After criticism in the first days of the disaster, state authorities cranked up relief operations, asking for foreign help providing tents, containers and prefabricated houses. Hoardes of people in provincial capital Van have also clamoured for tents even though far fewer buildings collapsed there. Villagers in surrounding hills are seen as more in need because most of their primitively built houses were destroyed and they would be caught in the open if there is early snow. “Most of us sleep outside. The village has received coal and blankets but no tents,” said Mehmet Siddik Demirtas, headman at Yukari Isikli village, about 10 km (6 miles) from Ercis.   


At least 1,800 Aftershocks since 7.2 on OCTOBER 23rd 2011!!!

Mark Lewis